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Tom Ryder is an entertaining public speaker who draws on his 18 years of experience as a State Representative to entertain and inform. His presentations are full of personal stories and anecdotes that convey his message in each of his presentations. Ryder has been a guest lecturer at several state universities, many community colleges and private colleges. He is well known among state legislators across the nation due to his service as National Chairman of the Council of State Governments. Those who attend his presentations note that "we always learn something new from Tom" and that his use of stories to illustrate his points are "fun and make the point easy to understand and remember".

Ryder offers three presentations that can be custom tailored to your audience.

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How To Lobby Your State Legislator
This speech is directed at a grass roots level to teach the three steps necessary to develop a relationship with a local state legislator that will achieve results for your association or company. This 50 minute presentation can be expanded into a workshop format to provide a detailed training session for those wishing to directly touch state policy making.

Constituent Services 101: The Electronic Legislator
This training session is directed to legislators who are overwhelmed with the many demands of public life. Ryder takes one element of a legislator's duties - constituent services - and provides tips and ideas to organize the process into a system that manages the work flow and reduces stress. Then Ryder goes one step further to apply the concept to a computer based system. Corporations and Associations that wish to make their presence known in a positive way to legislators, especially first term legislators, would find it beneficial to sponsor this presentation.

What Makes You Think We Read Those Bills?
This humorous and entertaining presentation is just right for an after dinner occasion. Ryder draws on stories from his family and public life that will present the human side of public service. His stories will make you laugh, but will always have a point. At the conclusion you will have been entertained and discovered that politicians are people too.

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