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After 18 years as a State Representative and over two years as a Vice President for the Illinois Community College Board, Tom Ryder started a career as a lobbyist in 2004. He currently conducts business as a lobbyist to the Illinois Legislature and Constitutional Officers. Ryder's current clients include the Illinois Community College Trustees Association, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Illinois Radiological Society, Illinois Academy of Audiology, and State Employees Association-Retirees, Illinois.

Additionally, Ryder is affiliated as an independent contractor with Jessica A. Nardulli. Nardulli is an attorney and lobbyist with a wide range of experiences with all three branches of Illinois government and with Federal issues.

Ryder and Nardulli offer a full range of governmental affairs services with an emphasis on client contact and personalized lobbying. Services include legislative tracking, analysis of legislation, testifying on the client's behalf before the legislature and the use of coalitions on behalf of the client. Ryder was the longest serving Chair of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules while he served in the legislature. As a result, he possesses a special knowledge of the administrative procedures and rules used by Executive Agencies and reviewed by JCAR..

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