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Tom Ryder has been a lawyer for forty years. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Washington and Lee University Law School in 1975. He was appointed the first Public Defender of Jersey County in the same year.

Prior to his election to the Illinois General Assembly, Ryder developed a significant practice in many areas of the law. He served as the City Attorney for Jerseyville for eight years and was the Village Attorney for Fieldon, Illinois. Other clients included the North Greene School District, M.J.M. Electric Cooperative, North Calhoun Fire Protection District, and Wagner Seed and Supply Co., Inc.

During his time as a State Representative, Ryder limited his practice to Estate Planning, Probate, Business Planning, Real Estate and Income Taxes.

Ryder continues to practice in the areas of Personal, Business, Estate and Financial Planning in addition to his work as a Lobbyist. Ryder practices in the form of a professional corporation named W. Thomas Ryder, Ltd.

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